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Giving to those in need

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A

  • 6-9 year olds

In the Gospel this Sunday, Jesus continues to talk to the people who have gathered to hear him speak. Like us, they want to build the kingdom of God, but they don't know how. So Jesus gives them "maxims"--ways to live so as to build the kingdom. The maxims show us how to love as God loves.

Let's consider one of these maxims:

What do people beg for? Sometimes we see people begging for money in the middle of the streets. Why do they do this? We can guess. They need food, they need drink, they need shelter. Sometimes people will tell us that they just want money for bad things like drugs. Possibly, but we don't know. If that is the case, something is not right in their lives, so we know they have an even greater need. We may not know exactly what their needs are, but we know their needs are not being met--they are not getting the help they need.

What about people you know? In your class at school, are everyone's needs being met? When someone asks to borrow something, do they always get what they need? Does everyone get the help they need to read, or to do math? Does the teacher have the space and quiet to teach? Is everyone being listened to? Does everyone have a friend to laugh with?

What if everyone was given what they need?

How would your classroom change?

How would the world change?

Would there be lonely people?

Would there be hungry people?

Would there be homeless people?

What would happen to the person in the middle of the street?

How well we would all live if no one's needs were ignored!

I think we would be close to building the Kingdom of God.

Let's pray together:

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