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Pray constantly?

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

(Parents: petitionary prayer is not natural to the 3-6 year old. Their prayer is characterized by thanksgiving and praise. This post focuses on how our lives can be prayer.)

Today Jesus teaches us about how important it is to pray constantly--that means, to pray all the time.

All the time? Is that possible?

Some people think that prayer is "talking to God." And that is true--prayer can be talking to God. But if we are supposed to pray all the time, that would be a lot of talking!

There was a woman named Thérèse who loved God very much. She thought of herself as a simple little flower in God's great beautiful garden. Now she is a saint in heaven. When St. Thérèse was very sick, her sister came to visit her. St. Thérèse told her sister that she was not able to sleep, so instead she kept praying. "And what do you say to Jesus?" her sister asked. "I do not say anything to him," St. Thérèse replied. "I love him."

So loving Jesus is praying. Can we love Jesus all the time?

How can we love Jesus when we are asked to tidy our rooms?

How can we love Jesus when we colour a picture?

How can we love Jesus when we are playing outside?

How can we love Jesus with our bodies? With our voices?

Can we love Jesus with noise?

Can we love Jesus in silent stillness?

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