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From the Holy Spirit

4th Sunday of Advent, Year A

  • 3-6 year olds

"the child conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit"

In this Sunday's Gospel, St. Matthew tells us how Joseph finds out that Jesus will soon be born. Joseph goes to sleep one night terribly upset and confused about how Mary can be having a baby when they aren't even married yet. While he sleeps, an angel of the Lord steps into his dream. The angel tells him that the baby that Mary has inside of her is from the Holy Spirit. What can this mean? What is God doing?

First, God is telling Joseph that the baby is from the Holy Spirit. At Christmas when we open gifts, we often say, "Who is this from?" I think we can say that this baby is a gift--a gift from God. Joseph and Mary did not ask for this child. In God's great goodness, God chooses to give Jesus to them. That's a true gift. Abundance.

Is Jesus given only to Mary and Joseph?

Does God give Jesus to anyone else?

Contemplating the Incarnation--the Light coming into the World

Second, the Holy Spirit is bringing life. A surprise! Life that should have been impossible. Life that is holy because God is there. We know that this baby--Jesus--is holy.

Does the Holy Spirit bring life today? Life that should be impossible? Life that is holy?

When we are baptized, the water that is filled with the Holy Spirit is poured over our heads, and we are promised a share in the Risen Life of Jesus. This is the life that never ends. It is life that should be impossible, life that is holy, because God is with us.

Contemplating Baptism

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