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Faithful in the Very Little

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

Today's Gospel reading is very long, but when I read it, one line seemed to jump out at me:

Whoever is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much

I thought about you who are growing so big, but still are littler than the adults in the world around you. You know how to focus on a work and to do it well.

Like if you're playing with cars, and you line them up, each one right after the one before it, so that the line stretches so far around the room. Or if you dress up to play something and your whole self is into the game that for awhile you forget everything else. Or when you are learning to ride a bike and it is so hard but you keep going back out there even though you are afraid to fall and scrape your knee again. These are times when your whole self is focused on doing something and doing it well -- this is being faithful.

Adults may think that this is just play, but you know what? It is important. You are learning to be faithful.

When you are asked to put away the forks and knives and spoons, and you separate and sort them carefully so that each one goes where it belongs--you are being faithful. When you are asked to put your toys away, and you pick up each one and put it where it goes (I know that for me and my family, this is a difficult one!)--you are being faithful. When you are at church, and you remember to whisper when you need to say something to your mum or dad because people are praying, you are being faithful.

Perhaps these things seem very little, but Jesus says, if you are faithful in a very little then you will be faithful also in greater things. Like following him so closely.

So keep up the good work! You are faithful!

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Mariann Dunsmore
Mariann Dunsmore
Oct 05, 2019

thank you for lifting up 'everyday faithfulness' and writing how we can 'practice'.

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