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Children of the Resurrection

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

  • 3-6 year olds

This Sunday, we hear some people come to Jesus, trying to confuse him. These people do not yet know something that we know. When I hear this Gospel, and I just wish I was there to tell them, "just wait, something incredible is about to happen. God is going to do something that you cannot even imagine!" We know what they don't know yet: that Jesus died and rose to new life, never to die again.

We know that Jesus' Risen life is different from the life he lived when he walked on the earth. He is so completely full of the life of God. This is the "Resurrection." He tells us that children of the resurrection cannot die anymore. How do you think God feels about death?

Children of the Resurrection

Who are these children of the resurrection? Who are the children of God? We know that Jesus does not want to keep his Risen life all to himself. He sent the Holy Spirit so that people might be baptized and receive the light of Jesus' Risen life--so that all people might one day enjoy the full life of God. When we are baptized, a candle is lit for us from the great Paschal candle, to show everyone that we receive the light of Jesus' Risen life--that, we, too, are children of God, children of the resurrection--that we, too, will enjoy the abundant life of God.

The Paschal candle is lit to remind us of the light of Jesus' Risen life.

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